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Since 1993 Gruen-Wald has been engineering and manufacturing innovative building components for structures ranging from cattle pole barns, residential heavy timber mortise and tenon homes to commercial and institutional structures.

Our Beliefs:

We believe in providing our customers with a long-lasting, safe, cost efficient, beautiful product that quietly reduces our carbon footprint with renewable resources.

Our Process: 

Pairing professional engineering, a K-2 Hundegger milling machine and skilled craftsmen we meet all requirements of ANSI A190.1 standards, IBC, and all local building codes.

The adhesives we use are vastly superior to earlier generations of bonding agents. Many of our staff have over 15 years experience and the owner is registered as a engineer in 38 states.

Gruen-Wald lumber buyers rely on machine stress graded raw materials to ensure all materials used in Gruen-Wald products are reliable. Additional visual quality checks are completed as the raw materials are processed for laminating.

Our Quality Control:

Gruen-Wald Engineered Laminates is ANSI 190.1 compliant with APA EWS servicing as our third party quality control agency.  Daily tests are run to ensure that our products meet or exceed all standard specifications.

Our Customer satisfaction policy:

Gruen-Wald is committed to customer satisfaction. We believe that is achieved through dogged adherence to quality product that have been correctly designed.

It is also imperative that customer expectations are properly informed prior to beginning each project. Our sales force endeavors to inform our customers of what the product will look like.